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    Apr 15, 2017
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    Discord - Justin#3702 Skype - foxy_the_bunny
    Past Experience:
    I have been staff on multiple other servers. Majority of those servers I was a builder on but I do have experience with helper and mod from little servers that I have found through my friends.
    How long have you been playing on the server:
    I just joined the server but it seems really fun and really friendly so I wanted to apply straight away.
    What can you do for us:
    I can do a lot of things for you and the community of Vazanix. I can help out around the server, I can help build, I can help ban hackers and keep the chats friendly and I can help out with the staff team and anything you guys ask me to help.
    If you see a advertiser during a game or in lobby, what would you do:
    If I saw an advertiser during a game I would politely ask them to stop and if they are disobedient or not doing as I ask I would punish them and make sure that they will not advertise again on the server.
    Why do you want to be part of the staff team:
    I want to be apart of the staff team because the server seems really fun and friendly and I would love to help out around the place. I want to be able to help everyone at any time when I'm online and I would love to be apart of the family and staff team of Vazanix.
    Anything else you want to add:
    No :)

    Thankyou for reading
    -ItsJusto :)