New minigame idea(My Own)

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    Mar 14, 2017
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    This minigame idea, it might be fun or not fun, but its there. I call it "Mob Wars". So there are 2 or 4 teams, and its like tntwars except you use mobs instead of tnt. So each player gets a knockback 5 stick, and there's a gap between the team's islands. Its like this
    ________--- ---________
    You get mob spawn eggs, and you place the mob egg on the high part of the island. then they use the knockback stick to hit the mob over to the other team. The last team to survive wins.
    Extra stuff:
    Creeper Eggs: when creepers are spawned, you get a flint and steel. you can light the creeper up and then hit it to blow up the opponent teams.
    Hopefully you like my idea! its an original Pokedea :p