Need Help with PvP? Try these Suggestions

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    Hey whats going on guys, Itz Poke here, and today i'm here totell you some tips and suggestions on how to become a better pvper :)

    Step 1: Have a good internet. Its very important because if you dont have it good you'll lag and suck at pvp.
    Step 2:Learn to strafe. Strafing is a pvp technique which involes the sidewards movement to confuse the opponent while keep hitting them and not get hits landed on you.This is also useful to avoid bowshots
    Step 3:practice!! As you all might've heard, Practice makes a man perfect, but sinc nobody's perfect, you cant say you wont practice. If you're a good pvper but you havent played for even a month your skills will go down and you'll face problems. Instead, keep pvping aand keep your practice on.
    Step 4:Report Hackers. I know this shudnt belong here but if you're pvping agains a hacker, there's about an 87% chance you'll lose. Instead of being a rager just go report them so you dont need to face the rage too much again :)
    Step 5: Jitter. If you are reallly FREAKING REALLY serious about pvp, then you must know jitter clicking. It involves using your mucle vibration to click REALLY fast, landing anywhere between 8 - 20 clicks per second. You can start out small, but eventually you'll get better. If you dont want to exert yourself, then dont increase your clicks per second(cps) higher than 15 because 15 is the maximum amount of clicks minecraft registers in a second anyways.
    Step 6 : Know how to tackle tryharders. Tryharders are those people who, for example, in a skywars game, are the first to get hugely stack and then mess up everyone's parteh. As the name suggest, they try freaking hard, and end up winning just because the others dont do athing about them. They are a big problem and to tackle them is to just straight up kill them super quick in pvp games. If you let them be, they'll get fatter and fatter, and then straight up murder your face off.

    I hope this taught you something and you learned and will try to be better.
    Anyways, Peace out :)
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    Nice suggestions!
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    Very good, helpful to new players to Vazanix