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    Hey, Vazanix! I hope you're all having a great morning, afternoon, or whatever time it is for you in the world right now. I figured I'd put in this staff application and of course, I always appreciate feedback on it as this is my first time doing this. Again, thanks for taking a look and let's get on with the application.


    I am indeed fourteen years young. I do consider myself mature for my age.


    Discord: Valiux#4895

    Rank applying for:

    I am applying for any rank available.

    Past Experience:

    Pretty much since my first year of playing Minecraft (which was around 5 years ago), I've been playing on servers, trying to do what I could do to help. It was during my second year that I really started becoming a prevalent member in various communities, and ever since then, I've been applying and fulfilling staff positions. The first server I was a staff member on was originally a part of the Expunged network, but it later branched off and became its own server, then proceeded to eventually die, which was pretty much why I left. I was a guard at first, and although on various servers guards are not considered staff members, on this network, guards were considered staff members; I was granted the basic essentials permissions which are usually granted to helpers and moderators. That was my first staff experience, and that was what really set the bar for me. The highest position I reached was Jr. Warden (the server had E-A block guards, then wardens which were pretty much under-powered administrators). Expunged had a player average of around 50 (It was an individual server). As soon as Expunged started to fall apart, I began spending time playing mod packs.

    The second major server I became a staff member on went by the name CrystalMC, and at the time, it was the #1 Hexxit server (A technic launcher mod pack). Usually, the server averaged around anywhere from 50-200 players at a time. I spent a whole year as a staff member on that server, pretty much until it too started to fade. The final staff position I reached on that network was moderator+; I was offered a promotion multiple times by the staff manager, but towards the server's decline, I wasn't active enough. Honestly, my activity was very dependent on my interest in the server, and at the time, I wasn't very interested in the physical server or the community as a whole. By the time Crystal was officially done for, I had applied and become a staff member on another mod pack server. This one was a bit different - It was a somewhat smaller server (than the last one) and was run in the Crafting Dead Modpack - of which is currently one of my favorite mod packs. The server averaged around 40 players (It wasn't a network), and I was a staff member there for several weeks until I stopped playing. That server was the last server which I was a staff member on up until now, mainly because after that, I took a somewhat long hiatus from Minecraft altogether. On subject of specifically my experience, there are many stories to tell. In between each of the bigger networks and individual servers mentioned above, I did function as a staff member on many others, most of which were rather small or I simply forgot about them over time. I also have extensive server command skills, And plugin configuration skills, So I could/can help out in that regard.

    How long have you been playing on the server:
    I have not been playing on Vazanix long, and only recently joined the forums, but feel that I will indeed thoroughly enjoy playing and moderating it. The server is clean, and has interesting gameplay mechanics which really do make it unique from other PvP servers out there.

    What can you do for us:

    I can provide the following from within myself:

    I consider myself to be very mature. I am very calm and collected in most situations. I have a cert in Leadership. I have done a few courses in how to deal with children and people who are disabled. In situations of where I don't like someone it doesn't show as I do my job and keep my emotions locked away. I am never biased towards anyone. Even in sport if the ball goes out of our player for a corner for example and the ref says it's a kick out I'll always say it came off our player. I don't pick sides just cause I'm friends with someone.

    I am a very loyal person in general. When I was left a server I was previously administrator on, most people didn't realize I had access to the Dev Server and the Dev server had all there plugins and new game modes, maps etc on it. When I left I went on there straight away and de-opped myself and informed the owner to in-whitelisted me immediately, Which he did and has respected me for that ever since. I didn't cause any drama when I left and I dealt with the situation well and didn't slander the server giving the circumstances of the situation. Overall I'm a loyal person.

    I have a very good attitude in general and I am very nice, easy going and fun to be around. Most staff members see me as a very fun and layed back person. I will say that I can sometimes get mad just like everyone but I don't act on anger. If I'm angry with something I take a look at myself and see is it worth it to be angry and either take a break from the game for a few minutes or just help people in support rooms. My attitude to players I don't like and players who are toxic is just to answer what they need to be answered or solve the situation and send them on the there merry day. I trait which I have is that I work extremely hard in everything I do. I don't like leaving things unfinished or not done to my full potential. I would like to bring that to the server.

    Since I have a cert in leadership I learned a lot about listening to others. I will always give an opinion and will always think up a solution for someone's situation. Since listening is such a big part of being a leader. I know how to talk to people who are mad or afraid to speak up. When communicating with players you have to be calm and collected. I've learned that if you're calm and collected in a situation you get the issue solved a lot faster.

    If you see an advertiser during a game or in lobby, what would you do:

    I would temp-mute the player. Advertising is a mutable offense and is strictly forbidden.

    Why do you want to be part of the staff team:

    I would like to be part of the staff team for various reasons, some include, developing my maturity and respect, improving my overall staffing quality, and much more. There are numerous factors that make me believe I'd do well as a staff member on this server, one of which is my level of experience. Second, to my staff experience, the next factor that makes me feel like I'm a good fit for the position is the fact that I will do and almost prefer to do what other staff members won't. For example, tedious work; assisting new players who have absolutely no clue in regards to how to utilize the server's functions. I pride myself on being able to help those who need help, quickly and efficiently, and lots of that is due in part to my staff experience. As it is, in my opinion, I already spend more time helping players than the two staff members which I most commonly see online factions, whom I will not name. Additionally, my experience has granted me profound knowledge on the two primary plugins that I will most likely be using on the factions server as a staff member - essentials and Mccore / factions. Not only did I run my own server at one point, but I have been a staff member on countless networks which revolved around these two primary plugins. I know just about everything there is to know about essentials, but most importantly, I'm masterful in terms of my abilities to fully make use of the basic essentials permissions, of which I will most likely be using as a staff member. Whether it's /etempmute or /vanish, I know almost everything - and if something that I'm currently unaware of has been implemented to essentials in recent months, I will have no trouble relearning my skills.

    Anything else you want to add:
    I am a competitive swimmer, and martial artist. I have achieved a black belt in Taekwondo, proving my dedication towards the sport, and swim for my school team. I enjoy participating in public speaking events, and also appreciate debating. I have always had a soft spot for this, and improvisation, which does come in very handy as a staff member.
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    Great Application
    - Highly detailed app
    - Great use of words
    - Seem very honest/trustworthy
    I would love to have you as part of our staff team :)

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    Congratulations! I'm hoping to join you and the Staff Crew soon!
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    Nice Application
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    You seem like a great person! i hope i get to work with you