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  1. XDoodlesNight

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    This game is called power up tag basically everyone spawns in a random spot and someone is "it" if they hit someone then they are now it and the person who is "it" at the end of the round is eliminated from the game this happens until there are 2 people left and they have an all out war keep hitting each other till someone is "it" and then is eliminated after time goes off
    Rounds I think would add up to be like 2 minutes long and now to the fun part there would be random like power-ups spawned around the map every 30 seconds (you cant tell what the power up is before you get it)
    Power up Examples:
    Speed for 10 seconds
    Invisibility for 10 seconds
    Blindness for 10 seconds
  2. Vazanix

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    Sounds fun will make this after release 1.0