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    General Information
    Name: Ethan
    IGN: EthanOliver
    Age: 16 (born 2000)​

    Contact Information
    Discord: EthanOliver#5792
    Skype: If you need it, i'll gladly give it, but i hardly use it nowadays!​

    Past Experiences!
    For the last 3 years i have worked my way up to OP (higher than admin) on a fairly popular server with over 2000 members. While on that server i helped setup various things, arrange events and even helped to build the spawn and other areas. I have also been an owner on 2 smaller servers that are no longer active.
    How long have you been playing on the server:
    I have been on the server for a few hours, slowly approaching a day! However i feel like i am already starting to get involved with the community.​

    What can I do for you?
    Along with my knowledge of plugins, standard punishments and appropriate responses, i believe i could become a very active part of the server. I am very willing to stay on the server as long as it takes to help people with any kind of issue. I am also not afraid to speak up when something is wrong and im full of awesome ideas to make the server better! Whatever it is, i will help no matter the circumstance.

    Need help building? Consider me done!
    Need assistance with setting up plugins? Of course!
    Require help with people who are breaking the rules? I'll be there!

    I can teach others how to do various things such as how to use different websites to get as many new people as possible. For example, i can teach staff how to use PMC to bump your server to the very top of the list every 24hours which is sure to bring new people!​

    Some is advertising, what should you do?
    Depending on how bad the advertisement is, i would choose the appropriate punishment.
    Generally under every circumstance, a very mininum of a lengthy mute is necessary. Anywhere from 1hour to a week may be necessary, and under extreme circumstances a ban may be required.
    Why do I want to be part of this staff team?
    I wish to be staff on this server as i believe it has great potential to be very popular and i want to support it in anyway i can, whether that means using my past experience or finding new, more suitable methods of helping. I believe that becoming staff is the best way to do this.

    I believe being a helper on Vazanix would be a great experience as i have a much expertise with helping and communicating between members. I truly believe that a good staff member should be seen as someone members can approach freely. I typically will be found helping out people on the server with the website address, how to solve bugs, abusive/harassment between players and plenty of other things. I can also, when needed, deal with nearly any issue reasonably.
    Anything else you want to add:
    Hopefully i can continue to be a part of the server, making new connections with everyone i can. I would like to thank you all for reading this extremely long application xD! Feel free to give me any and all suggestions of how i can do better!

    ( I fully understand that this app may not be accepted straight away, i am just putting it out there so that it's here for the future! )

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