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    I am 13 years old. Mature though :D

    Discord - JoshIsMLG#8336

    Rank applying for:
    Any rank you think is suitable for me.

    Past Experience:
    I actually used to own a server. It was very well along the way because I got kind staff, a very decent amount of players, etc. I've learned from owning a server many skills. For example, I learned communication skills, honesty, respect, time and management, and more. I also am very good at pointing players out. If someone is breaking any kind of rule or regulation via the server, I would first calm them down, because there is a higher chance that they would continue to do it, just like a friendly reminder to not do what they are doing wrong. If this case extends to any point in time, I would reach out a bigger, and more effective punishment, like mute them for a 1 day/hour, or perm/temp ban, all depending on the situation. I also learned from other servers that having more staff makes a server more accurate and dependent because if their was only a owner, their would be lots more loose rule-breakers not getting punished in time.

    I have also been staff on many other small servers, which sadly, barely lasted. It was a great time being part of their staff crews and also very enjoyable to help out and encourage the servers into trying new things!

    How long have you been playing on Vazanix?:
    I haven't been playing Vazanix for too long, as I had just discovered it recently. I thought it would be my type once I joined, because its a "under development" kind of server. I thought it would need more staff, so I had asked an admin, and they told me to go ahead and apply on the forums, which is what I'm doing right now. I also thought to myself that since I had lots of past experiences with growing minecraft servers, I could make a create a big impact on this server by doing multiple things, such as recording, supporting, and even advertising under the right conditions.

    What can you do for us?:
    I can provide you guys a couple things...

    Achievement in major goals -
    I can do this by helping out, each and every staff member, and players get what they want to help out and benefit the server. This can branch out to new mini games, new recruitment, more encouragement, etc.

    Promotion -
    I have a very, fast, recent, and active YouTube channel,
    I can actively record on the server, edit, and upload the content to my channel. Since my channel is very Minecraft, and PvP-Based, I can rely on this server to not only give me entertainment, but to also provide worthy content. I'm actually going to be recording a YouTube video of one of your latest, and funnest (in my opinion) mini games, after this application.

    Activity -
    I will be on your server probably daily, with exceptions of family matter, vacations, and or school-work.
    I can do all that I can to join at any given moment of my time. I may not sound like it, but I am very passionate for helping others out!

    If you see an advertiser during a game or in lobby, what would you do:
    I would temporarily mute them as advertising is against the rules and regulations of the server and is strictly told not to be done, as also commonly used in many other servers.

    Why do you want to be part of the staff team:
    I would like to be a part of the staff team for a couple of important reasons. One of them is because I am very principled and honest when it comes to helping out each other. Another is because of my passion for being a major role/part in the community. I really have hopes for achieving the best for myself, and the staff/player community. Another important aspect of why I want to be a part of the staff team is because I'm friendly and very out-going, so Its not hard for me to not get along with one another. Lastly, I am very mannerful and a great helper/contributer because I do anything that is right for the server in general.

    Anything else you want to add:
    I love to play soccer and football. I am a good wide-receiver, and a quarterback for football. Occasionally, I go for runs or bike rides with family and friends. And of course, I love to help others out in situations that can be hard for them, which also proves my true dedication towards the staff role. Thanks!
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    Nice Application
    - Very good attitude.
    - I can see you committing to the server and helping out.
    - Great use of words.
    - Very mature and happy to help.
    You will be accepted as helper and you can be promoted in the future :)

    Yours sincerely, Dylan
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    Thank you so much Dylan!