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Our goal is to put out 4 PVP games
and another team game were not sure of yet

Then we want to optimize everything, every server and database to make sure everything is perfect.

After a week of all 4 games released and everything optimized. Depending on player feedback the next games may be more PVP related games or friendly games like Horse racing or build competition games.

Also soon the forum theme will be revamped as well as the overall websites related to Vazanix. Including interactive live leaderboards.

Well keep going at it until we are number one simply put. While maxviq our programmer works on this. Our goal as a community will be to continue growing, to provide suggestions/feedback and do whatever we can for the best interest of Vazanix.

Now with a total of 16 highly detailed maps. Some previous maps have been removed due to lack of details. The new maps have lots of obstacles for intriguing pvp.
Migration has been completed. Servers are back online and whitelist is off.
Server will be closed as we migrate our servers to better locations for players around the world to have the best ping possible. Thank you for your patience we will post when the server is open again 8)
Our database system has been upgraded and join issues have been tested and fixed permanently. Server whitelist is off server is back open. Around 3-4pm eastern time the server will whitelist again for the map update. About 15 new maps and the removal of a couple old maps due to their lack of detailed builds.
Server will be whitelisted while Maxviq adds more updates 8). Will announce when server is back open.
1. Everyone now has access to buying clothing and trails from merchants
2. Everyone now has access to Kill Signatures
3. Everyone now has access to /tag clanname
4. Databases have been optimized
5. Free For All has been optimized
6. Leaderboards that update automatically have been added to free for all
And more updates to come!
Server will be whitelisted as the servers are upgraded and new updates are added.
We are looking for dedicated staff who are passionate about the growth of Vazanix. We need staff who can help out new players get started, moderate the chat(mute spammers/advertisers) and have a say in the servers development plans. If interested apply under the "Apply for staff" category in forums.

- Vazanix
Hi Vazanix here. I will be adding a new game "Team Deathmatch" as well as optimizing our Free For All and everything in general. Vazanix is a work in progress which will reach great heights very soon!